VCSAR 3 Photo Gallery - Operations

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Photos of the team on search and rescue operations.

Team Operations
Photos of the team on selected search and rescue operations:
Alaska Airline Crash
Big Tunjunga - Galton Search Operation Review
Ojai Search Operation Review
Simi Valley Fire Operation Review
Hungry Valley Off-Road Medical Rescue
Big Bear Search Operation Review
Hwy. 33 Motorcycle Crash Operation Review
Ventura Harbor - Schneider Search Operation Review
Tuolumne Meadows Medical Rescue Operation Review
Glacier Point Yosemite Search Operation Review
Thousand Oaks Search Operation Review
Hungry Valley Off-Road Patrol
Pacific Coast Highway Evidence Search
Malibu Search Operation Review

Lake Piru Search Operation Review
Randsburg Search Operation Review

Water Rescues and La Conchita Mudslide - January 2005
The team responded to water rescues from heavy rains and to rescue efforts at the La Conchita Mudslide.

Operation Review
Mt. Baldy / San Gorgonio Searches - January 2004
The team assisted the San Bernardino teams in searching for two missing hikers in the Mt. Baldy area and a missing hiker on San Gorgonio mountain.
Jan. 2, 2004 Operation Review
Jan. 14, 2004 Operation Review
Jan. 21, 2004 Operation Review
Echo Cliffs Rescue - November 2003
The team provides standby rescue and medical for events in our area. An adventure race included the Echo Cliffs area of the Santa Monica Mountains. These races are very strenuous and some participants become injured or ill during the event in remote area of the course requiring air transport.
Bridgeport Search - August 2003
Search for a missing backpacker near Bridgeport, CA.
Operation Review
Bates Search - June/July 2003
Search for a missing Alzhiemer patient near Carpenteria.
Operation Review
Kern River Rescue - March 2003
Rescue of a victim of a vehicle over the side on Highway 178 in the Kern River Canyon.
Operation Review