VCSAR 3 Photo Gallery - Training

Photos of the team during training.

Team Training
Photos from various team training sessions and outside specialized training.
Helo Training and Cross-Country Hike - November 2005
The team was flown into the backcountry north of Fillmore and had navigate cross-county to a pick up point.
Helo Training
Helicopters are a critical part of search and rescue. Team members must be able to safely and effectively work around them. Training includes static flyaways, hoisting, and hover loads.
Winter Training
The team responds to search and rescue incidentsin all types of conditions. Snow and ice offers unique difficulties that the team trains to overcome.
EMT Training
Team members are emergency medical technicians and every two years the team members recertify. The recertification includes medical rescue scenarios.
Swiftwater Rescue Training
Team members train for swiftwater rescues in the Kern River and Simi Arroyo.
USAR Training
Being in earthquake country, VCSAR 3 is tasked to be able to assist in urban search and rescue incidents. The team trains to maintain their USAR skills.
Command and Control Training
Managing the search operation is a crucial aspect of search and rescue. The team conducts regular day long, real time, table top search scenarios.