Hiking Plan

Are you planning a day hike in the surrounding hills, a weekend backpacking trip in the local mountains, or a week-long expedition in the High Sierras? Make sure you let someone know your hiking plans. Many search and rescue incidents are prolonged because the travel plans of the missing persons are not known. The Ventura County Sheriff's Office and the East Valley Team is providing a form that you can complete with the your trip plans. Give the completed form to a responsible person who, in case of an emergency, can give the form to the agency in the jurisdiction to assist in search and rescue efforts.

Download Hiking Plan Form (pdf format)

The form can be printed and the information clearly handwritten onto the form or use your computer to fill-in the PDF file and then print.

Ten Essentials Card (jpg format)

Minimum items you should take on any hike.

Photo by Antonio M. Arizo. Along the Gene Marshall Piedra Blanca National Recreation Trail, Los Padres National Forest (1981)