Feb. 7, 2013: Lost Hikers - Wildwood Park

02/07/13 , Thursday 00:30 – 03:30 Hours

Just after midnight on Thursday February 7, 2013 the East Valley Team was called out to assist with 2 stranded Hikers in Wildwood Park, Thousand Oaks. The team had responders on-site within 20 minutes and learned that Ventura County Sheriff's deputies had walked in approximately 1 mile on dirt road and had a visual sighting on lights on a ridge North of Lizard Head point. The team quickly established a Command Post and had two hasty teams in the field to approach from the East and the South. A third team was sent by truck to Santa Rosa valley to provide access and/or support from the North side if necessary.

After approximately 45 minutes of bush-wacking the South-approach team found the 2 Hikers cold but in good condition, stranded off-trail in steep terrain. The SAR team walked the subjects back off the ridge and to the command post. The call was wrapped up by 0330 hours with both subjects and all responders in good condition.