June 9, 2014: Six Lost Hikers - Point Mugu State Park

Field team bringing the subjects down to the rescue trucks in La Jolla Valley. Photo by Antonio M. Arizo

06/09/14, Monday 21:00 – 06/10/14, Tuesday, 02:30 Hours

A group of six day hikers including several juveniles went for a hike in the Point Mugu State Park. They were caught out on the trail after dark with the fog rolling in. They call 911 who activated the East Valley search team. Eighteen members responded to hike up the Chumash and La Jolla trails along with driving into the La Jolla Valley. The field teams located the subjects on a peak shrouded in fog where the visibility was down to 10 feet. All the subjects were in good condition. The field team walked the subjects down the the rescue trucks in La Jolla Valley. The trucks drove the hikers back to their vehicle at the Chumash trailhead.