Apr. 12, 2013: Injured Subject - Moorpark

Team command post during the search. Photo by Jeff Tregembo

04/12/13, Saturday 11:30 – 15:00 Hours

A serious traffic accident occurred Friday night on Arroyo Drive in Moorpark. A mother and daughter received moderate injuries. One of the drivers ran away for the scene into the nearby hillside and riverbed. He may have been seriously injured in the crash. Ventura County sheriff's deputies searched throughout the night for the driver. The East Valley Team was called out to thoroughly search the heavy brush, bamboo, and water for the subject using the line search technique. After the team searched the requested areas, the team was released.

Updated 04/21/13: The subject was located in a home in Camarillo by Ventura County sheriff's deputies and booked for leaving the scene of an accident and possession of a controlled substance.