Oct. 25, 2010: Two Lost Hikers - Circle X Ranch, Santa Monica Mountains

10/25/10, Monday, 05:10 - 10:00 Hours

Copter hoisting subjects. Photo by Wasi Khursheed

Two male hikers became lost while hiking in Circle X Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains and spent the night under a rock overhang. The hikers call 911 in the morning and the East Valley team was dispatched to search for the subjects. A fog cover prevented the Sheriff's Dept. helicopter from assisting in the search. Search teams on foot and ATVs located the subjects in ravine surrounded by heavy brush.

The weather cleared enough for the helicopter to launch. The ground teams directed the helicopter to the subjects location. The helicopter hoisted the subjects out of the ravine and transported them back to the trailhead. The subjects were cold and wet but otherwise in good condition.

View photos of the rescue.