Jan. 12, 2008: Lost Hiker - Green Valley, San Bernardino National Forest

01/12/08, Saturday, 04:00 Hours - 01/13/08, Sunday, 23:00 Hours

R. Wood being dropped of by a copter in the search zone. Photo by Ron Wood

A 62-year-old man went for a hike on Friday, January 8, from his Green Valley cabin into the San Bernardino mountains near Big Bear. White-out conditions occurred and the hiker lost his bearings. The hiker made two 911 calls to say that he was lost. A heavy winter storm hit the next day. The San Bernardino teams searched for a week. The East Valley team along with many other search teams were requested on January 12, to assist. The East Valley team searched for two days. The search was suspended on Sunday evening.

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UPDATE 04/05/08:
Members of the San Bernardino search and rescue team found the body of the missing subject on 4/04/08.