Jan. 7, 2005: Water Rescues - Ventura County

Water Rescue Standby / Swiftwater Rescues / Flood Evacuations / La Conchita Mudslide

01/07/05, Friday, 19:00 Hours – 01/13/05, Thursday, 14:00 Hours

E. Malindzak, A. Bennett, and S. Holden along with firefighters carry an injured victim of the La Conchita mudslide. Photo by Al Culzon / AP

The team was placed on water rescue standby starting on Friday, 1/07/05, due to expected heavy rains with team members on patrol. The team responded to several incidents during the next seven days.

View photos of the rescues in the gallery.

Saturday, 1/8/05, 19:10 Hours -- The team responded to a missing man while attempting to cross the Matilija Creek north of Ojai on Saturday evening, 1/08/05. The subject was found in the water deceased few hours later.
Saturday, 1/8/05, 22:00 Hours -- The team backed up the Ventura County Fire Dept. with multiple subjects in the water along the Santa Clara River near Wagon Wheel Road.
Sunday, 1/9/05, 08:00 Hours -- The team was activated to assist during very heavy rains. Evacuations included a transient camp now an island in the Santa Clara River, mobile home parks in Moorpark and Fillmore, and home threatened along the Ventura River in Riverside area south of Ojai.
Monday, 1/10/05, 06:00 Hours -- A swiftwater patrol responded to flooded homes in the Casitas Springs area south of Ojai to evacuate residents. At 13:15 hours the team was activated for the La Conchita mudslide. The responding patrol was one of the first rescue units on scene and assisted in searching and extracting trapped victims.
Tuesday, 1/11/05-Thursday, 1/13/05 -- The team supported the search and rescue efforts of the La Conchita mudslide.