Jan. 2, 2004: Missing Hiker - Mt. Baldy, Angeles National Forest

01/02/04, Friday, 13:00 Hours – 01/04/04, Sunday, 18:00 Hours

01/10/04, Saturday 04:00-21:00 Hours

Air Rescue 5 flying over the search area after an ice storm. Photo by unknown

The team was called out to assist the San Bernardino West Valley team for a hiker missing since Jan. 1, 2004, along the rugged Mt. Baldy area's Sierra Hut trail. One team started searching Friday (1/2/04) night in an ice storm and continued searching all night long. Other team members started Saturday (1/3/04) searching in clearing weather. Some team members stayed on to continue searching on Sunday (1/4/04). The West Valley team continued to search during the week.

The East Valley team returned on Saturday (1/10/04). Two East Valley team members were injured with fractured legs and ankles during that day's search and had to be airlifted out. The missing subject's body was found by the West Valley team on Saturday, Jan 17, 2004, at the 8200 foot level.

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