Mar. 29, 2003: Vehicle Over the Side - Hwy. 178, Kern River Canyon

03/29/03, Saturday, 0705-0825 Hours

Team members tending the litter as it is being raised. Photo by Casey Christie/the Bakersfield Californian

While en route to swiftwater rescue training on the Kern River, team members came upon a traffic accident in which a 17-year-old male went over the side of the highway over 80 feet. A member of the East Valley team and a member of the VCSAR dive team were the first on scene and assisted the patient out of the vehicle and performed the initial medical treatment. Other members of the East Valley team arrived 45 minutes later. The East Valley team captain contacted the Kern Co. Fire Dept. battalion chief on scene and offered the team's assistance. The team members set up a rope rescue system and lowered a Kern Co. FD medic over the side. They then lower a litter team consisting of members of the East Valley team. The patient was loaded in to the litter and raised up to the highway and turned over medics from Halls Ambulance.

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