Apr. 8, 2012: Missing Hiker - Tar Creek, Los Padres National Forest

04/08/12, Sunday 09:30 – 18:00 Hours

M. Fishman, M. Holwick, Sr. Dep. Donoghue, and P. Emerson escort the subject from the copter. Photo by Rob Hitchcock

On Saturday, 04/07/12, a group a hikers headed down the Tar Creek trail to the waterfalls and pools. In the early evening, a 23-year-old male became separated from the hiking group. Around 22:00 hours, the Fillmore Mountain Team was activated along with a helicopter from the Ventura County Sheriff's Dept. to begin a search of the deep canyon. The East Valley Team was called out on Easter Sunday to assist the Fillmore Team. The team members searched several miles of the creek beds in the area. Team members were also assigned to assist the Canine Team.

During the search, members of one of the field teams came across a female hiker along the trail suffering from heat stroke. The team members evaluated the patient and requested a medical evacuation. The Ventura County Sheriff's copter responded and evacuated the patient to a hospital.

While returning back to the command post to return equipment, the copter spotted the missing subject on a ridge above the Tar Creek canyon. Other than hungry and scratched from walking through the brush, the subject was fine and was reunited with his family.

R. Del Frate and F. Dikken rock-hop through Tar Creek. Photo by: Ian Roberts

Copter flying through the canyon looking for the subject. Photo by: Rob Hitchcock

M. Holwick escorting a friend of the the heat stroke patient to the copter. Photo by: Jason Boruta