Oct. 27, 2012: Mutual Aid Medical Response - Isla Vista

10/27/12, Saturday 15:30 – 10/28/12, Sunday, 03:00 Hours

The Ventura County medical response team of Puhek, Emerson, McGivney (Fillmore), Arizo, Koroknay (Fillmore), Gaul, Sr. Dep. Donoghue at the end the night. Photo courtesy Antonio M. Arizo

The Santa Barbara Search and Rescue Team requested assistance with medical response during the Halloween street party in Isla Vista next to the University of Santa Barbara. It is one of the largest Halloween parties in the west. Four East Valley Team members and two Fillmore Team members responded.

The Ventura SAR members were teamed up with Santa Barbara SAR members to be first responders by foot to medical incidents in the crowded streets and residences. The teams patrolled the area and were dispatched to incidents which were mostly alcohol related. Luckily, there were fewer than normal medical calls.

Updated 11/01/12: Over the two day operation, there were 19 SAR calls, 71 medical calls, 196 arrests, and 249 citations issued.