Ventura County Search and Rescue East Valley Team 3 (VCSAR 3) is comprised of highly dedicated and skilled volunteers who are able to respond to wilderness emergencies in Ventura County. VCSAR 3 team members are extensively trained in search techniques, technical rope rescue, tracking, swiftwater rescue, communications, winter operations, urban search and rescue, and search management. For over 25 years, VCSAR Team 3 has participated in wilderness and urban search and rescue operations under the direction of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department. The VCSAR 3 team has met the rigorous requirements of the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) since 1989 and is a member of the California Region of the MRA. The VCSAR 3 team's response area includes the Ventura County portion of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Santa Susanna Mountains. The VCSAR 3 team assists the other search and rescue teams in Ventura County: Fillmore, Upper Ojai, Dive, Canine, Posse, and Medical. The VCSAR 3 team is capable of responding outside of Ventura County and has assisted is search and rescue operations in the Sierras and throughout the State of California.



Latest News

Latest news about the team

Apr. 4, 2013: Two Missing Teens - Wildwood Park, Thousand Oaks

The search operation command post in Wildwood Park. Photo by Rob Varela, Ventura County Star

04/04/13, Thursday 08:15 - 16:00 Hours

A 13-year-old male and 14-year-old female were reported missing about 01:00 hours on April 4. They were last seen at their homes. It was believed to have ran away and might be suicidal. Search dogs from the Canine Team led searchers to the nearby 1,750-acre Wildwood Park. Several members of the East Valley Team were already on a mutual search call in Orange County. The remaining team members responded to the search request at 08:15 hours along with members from Upper Ojai, Fillmore, and Thousand Oaks Disaster Response Assistance Team.

Apr. 4, 2013: Two Lost Hikers - Trabuco Canyon, Cleveland National Forest, Orange County

R. Wood being lowered into search area by LA County Air Rescue 5. Photo by Antonio M. Arizo

04/04/13, Monday 04:30 – 16:00 Hours

In afternoon of Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013, two teenagers, a male and female, went for a short hike in Trabuco Canyon in Orange County planning on heading to Holy Jim Falls. They lost the trail in the dark and called 911 around 2030 hours to report that they were lost. Shortly after they called, their cell phone battery died so searchers were not able to ping their phone.

Feb. 15, 2013: Missing Girl - Huasna Valley, San Luis Obispo County

The team at the end of a successful search: J. Fernholz, P. Emerson, K. Duncklee, C. Buttitta. Not shown: C. Cogan, J. Gaul, R. Hitchcock, and M. Humphreys. Photo by Rob Hitchcock

02/15/13 , Friday 02:30 – 20:00 Hours

On Friday February 15th at 0230 hours East Valley Search and Rescue Team received a mutual aid request for a missing 12-year-old in San Luis Obispo County. The teenager went missing Thursday February 14th at 1600 hours after she was dropped off at her grandmother's home in Huasna Valley, east of Arroyo Grande. She had gone horseback riding in the area, but when her horse was found unattended at 1700 hours, search and rescue crews were alerted.

Feb. 7, 2013: Missing Man - Thousand Oaks

Team members along with Ventura County Fire evaluating the subject and treating for exposure. Photo by Jason Boruta

02/07/13 , Thursday 21:00 – 02/08/13, Friday, 05:00 Hours

On Thursday, February 7, during the monthly team meeting, East Valley Search and Rescue was requested to search for a missing 72-year-old man in Thousand Oaks, near The Oaks mall. The man, who suffers from dimensia, went for an afternoon walk at 16:30 hours. He takes walks daily, though usually with another family member. When he hadn't returned by 19:00 hours, the subject's family called the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

Feb. 7, 2013: Lost Hikers - Wildwood Park

02/07/13 , Thursday 00:30 – 03:30 Hours

Just after midnight on Thursday February 7, 2013 the East Valley Team was called out to assist with 2 stranded Hikers in Wildwood Park, Thousand Oaks. The team had responders on-site within 20 minutes and learned that Ventura County Sheriff's deputies had walked in approximately 1 mile on dirt road and had a visual sighting on lights on a ridge North of Lizard Head point. The team quickly established a Command Post and had two hasty teams in the field to approach from the East and the South. A third team was sent by truck to Santa Rosa valley to provide access and/or support from the North side if necessary.