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VCSAR 3 News

News about the team

October 2012 - Five Complete SAR Academy

New members Fernholz, Duncklee, Cogan, Buttitta, and Boruta after receiving their badges flanked by Academy staff members Humphreys and Nirenberg. Photo by Antonio M. Arizo

The East Valley Team is proud to welcome five new members to our team: Jason Boruta, Charles Buttitta, Christopher Cogan, Kevin Duncklee, and Gerald Fernholz. The new members successfully completed the 300 hours of the SAR Academy. The Academy covers from the basic search techniques, tracking, communications, and knots to the more advance rope systems, helicopter operations, search management, swiftwater rescue, and winter operations. The academy includes a mid-term test and a 24-hour field final test.

April 2012 - SAR Academy Mid-Term Examination

The VCSAR 3 SAR Academy held its mid-term for the five probationary members on April 28. They were evaluated on the basic search and rescue skills including knots, tracking, map and compass, four-wheel driving, rappelling, climbing, rope rescue systems, and night navigation. Sixteen active team members conducted the evaluations of the probationary members. A 166 question written examination tested the probationary member's knowledge of communications, search techniques, incident command system, and topographical maps.

March 2012 - SAR Coordinator Sgt. Underlin Moving On

Sgt. Frank Underlin

The Ventura County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Coordinator, Sgt. Frank Underlin has moved on from the position in the Aviation Unit. Sgt. Underlin has been associated with the department's search and rescue unit for many years and has been very supportive of all of the volunteer search and rescue teams. He was a Swiftwater Rescue instructor and a crew chief on the rescue helicopters. The East Valley Team wishes Sgt. Underlin all the best in his future endeavors.

The team welcomes Sgt. Carl Patterson who will be the new SAR coordinator.

Photo by Antonio M. Arizo

March 2012 - SAR Academy In Progress

The East Valley Team 2012 SAR Academy has completed week 5 of the 16 weeks. Over 120 applications were received for the 2012 academy. After a demanding evaluation process, five probationary members are currently in the class. The subjects covered so far include search, tracking, map and compass, communications, personal fitness, four-wheel drive, and team leadership. Week 5 of the academy started the technical rescue training with rappelling, anchors, raising and lowering systems.

December 2011 - Three Members Retire in 2011

Eric Malindzak
11 Years

Steven Holden
11 Years